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Verplanck Fire

With a sense of Irish pride, inspiration comes from all sorts of places, in this case, the Verplanck Fire Department.

Verplanck Fire Department

Big Green behind the scenes

The Verplanck Fire Department

If a neon green firetruck with a fighting Irishman in the midst of a shamrock doesn’t signify a sense of Irish pride, nothing will. Passing this big green firetruck one day sparked the idea for all things green. From there, Verplanck Fire was born. As much as the Verplanck firetruck was the inspiration behind this site, this website is not associated with the Verplanck Fire Department.

Research connecting Verplanck to its Irish roots have been inconclusive, so the we’ll consider the Irish themed firetruck an anomaly to Ireland.

This site is not associated with the Verplanck Fire Protective Association or Verplanck Fire District (238 8th Street, PO Box 518, Verplanck NY 10596-0518) in any way. 

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