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Holly's Infinite Wisdom - Verplanck Fire

Holly’s Infinite Wisdom

Seer Brianna

In a land not so far away was an Irish princess named Holly, who had all the answers, although some have accredited her insights to her sidekick seer, known simply as Brianna.  The story that has been passed down from generation to generation tells of Princess Holly truly having the gift of knowing it all and Brianna’s sole purpose was to do Princess Holly’s bidding. As the age old tale tells it, Brianna never possessed any original thoughts and her supposed clairvoyance was simply her undying desire to please Princess Holly.

Enter into Princess Holly’s land to learn how she ruled over every aspect of her kingdom and how all the townspeople succumbed to her control. 

Tales from the kingdom will be revealed shortly, check in often to follow the never-ending sagas of Princess Holly and Brianna. To enter the Kingdom, you will need special access, as entry into Princess Holly’s Kingdom is only afforded to a privileged few.

Holly's Personal RichesHolly’s Personal Riches  Holly Wants, Holly TakesHolly Wants and Takes  Holly’s HatchetationsHolly’s Hatchetations

Holly’s Law  Holly  Holly’s 

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